School Registration Step By Step

The following instructions explain the steps necessary to register a school to participate in the Academic Decathlon® program in Ohio. Forms must be completed, postmarked or emailed by certain deadlines. Please see School Registration Deadlines for information on deadlines.

Step 1. Complete the 2018-19 School Registration Form on or before the early registration or regular registration deadline. An invoice for the participation fees will be sent shortly after the School Registration Form is submitted.

Step 2. Although step 2 is not required for School Registration, it is a handy place to include information about how to acquire the curriculum. The curriculum can be purchased through the United States Academic Decathlon organization’s website:   Also, there are a limited number of grants available each year to schools who are just starting a team. Complete the Supply Grant 2018-2019 Application and email it to A supply grant pays for most of the materials to start a team.

Step 3. Arrange for payment of participation fees by deadline.

Step 4. Complete the 2018-19 State Census.

Step 5. Complete the 2018-19 Coach Release Form for each coach.

Step 6. Student Registration and Release Forms

             A. Arrange for all your participating students to receive the following forms in either paper form or electronically:
                  1. 2018-19 Student Registration and Release Form
                  2. 2018-19 ADOO Potential Donor Form
                  3. Code of Conduct/Dress Code form (Refer to Rules and Policies for Code of Conduct/Dress Code information.)
            B. Set a due date for your students to return the completed forms.
            C. Collect 2018-19 ADOO Student Registration and Release Forms
            D. Add Coach and School Administrator Signatures to all forms.
            E. Copy the 2018-19 ADOO Student Registration and Release Forms so you have a backup in case of lost materials.

Step 7. Request the appropriate OFFICIAL transcripts for each student as outlined in 2018-19 Eligibility Guidelines.

REMINDER: GPA calculations for ninth-grade students include only their grades earned while in the eighth grade and in the summer session between eighth and ninth grade. The “focus semesters” for GPA computation for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students go back two years prior to the present grade level of the contestant.
Step 8. Complete a 2018-19 USAD GPA WORKSHEET for each student. Please submit the forms electronically in excel format to
A student may test “up” in a higher GPA category, but a student cannot test “down”. For example, a scholastic “B” student may compete as an honor “A” student, but may not compete as a varsity “C” student. The following documents may aid in completing the USAD GPA Worksheets:
2017-18 GPA Calculation INSTRUCTIONS
2017-18 GPA Calculation TRAINING

Step 9. Send the original completed Student Registration and Release Forms AND Coach Release forms AND official transcripts via U.S. Mail to (package must be postmarked by the deadline):

Academic Decathlon of Ohio, Inc.
P.O. Box 9174
Dayton, Ohio 45409-9174
*Academic Decathlon of Ohio (ADOO) is a non-profit extracurricular scholastic program available to all Ohio high school students. The majority of the funds are secured through the fundraising efforts of the State Director and Board of Directors; team entry fees account for a small portion of the operating costs. Decathletes and/or their parents may be aware of any businesses, foundations or service clubs in their area that would like to contribute to ADOO. Often, a local employer will contribute to an organization dear to an employee. Please survey your team to determine the workplace of your students and their parents. Please encourage all of your decathletes to complete a 2018-19 ADOO Potential Donor form to ensure sufficient funding to continue the Academic Decathlon® program in Ohio. Then, submit this information to the State Director to “Make the Connection.”

Failure to complete the required registration steps by the due date will prevent a school from receiving an early registration discount and/or participating in the competition.

Late Student Registration

New individual students may register after the registration deadlines for an additional non-refundable fee of $25 per student. The deadline for fees and the submission of forms for the late student registration is the same as Competition Deadlines. See 2018-19 Competition Registration for the Competition Deadlines. Then, complete steps 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 as described above for the new student.