Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 

All Academic Decathlon® team members are expected to conduct themselves with decorum while attending Academic Decathlon events. This includes travel and time on competition premises. All hotel, travel, and other physical arrangements undertaken in connection with competitions within the jurisdiction of the State Association and at the USAD National Finals shall be undertaken with the view that physical safety and security of all contest participants is of paramount concern.

The safety, dress, behavior, activities, and decorum of all competitors are the direct responsibility of the school that the team is representing and the team coach who is the official and legal chaperone of the team members. Students should be under the supervision of the coach during the entire competition. It is the responsibility of the team coach to be available and to enforce any and all regulations determined necessary by Academic Decathalon of Ohio.

Inappropriate conduct includes, but is NOT limited to:

1. Cheating;
2. use of any USAD® or third-party materials during any test;
3. receiving assistance from a team member, coach, parent, proctor, or others;
4. being in possession of any cell phone, electronic device, study material, etc., in the testing areas of the competition, including Super QuizTM;
5. being in possession of any weapon;
6. damage to, or vandalism of, any property on competition sites;
7. stealing;
8. use of alcohol or illegal drugs by students, regardless of age;
9. use of water pistols, water balloons or any other projectile ;
10. fighting, running, loud noise, or any other behavior which is disruptive to others;
11. furniture removal or rearrangement; and/or
12. disrespect to the competition, competition officials, proctors, or coaches.

Financial liability for all damage incurred by actions of a team member shall be the sole responsibility of that team member and his/her parents. Failure to comply with the Code of Student Conduct may result in disqualification from the event, the entire competition and the awards ceremony. The decision of the Academic Decathlon of Ohio Administration is final.

Decathletes and coaches are expected to follow the highest standards of honesty and integrity while participating in Ohio Academic Decathlon events. If necessary, a decathlete may be required to participate in any test designed to validate the test results. Teams should be aware that failure of any team member to adhere to these policies and procedures may result in disqualification of the delinquent student and/or the entire team. Furthermore, cheating in any form will not be tolerated. Any act of cheating will be promptly brought to Ohio Academic Decathlon Officials for review, evaluation, and imposition of possible sanctions. If someone is proven to have cheated it is within Ohio Academic Decathlon’s power to disqualify not only the person caught cheating, but also the entire team. Decathletes that violate the Student Code of Conduct run the risk of being eliminated from the state competition.

All participants are expected to dress neatly and casually while attending the competition. Enforcement of this dress code is the responsibility of the coach. As representatives of their respective schools, students should dress comfortably within limits:

Although casual attire is permissible during testing, distracting apparel, including hats/caps/hoods of any kind, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, sunglasses,cargo pants or overalls shall be considered inappropriate and not acceptable in the testing arena.

All participants are expected to dress appropriately for Speech and Interview testing, as well as the Awards Ceremony. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, etc. are not appropriate for these events. Below is the recommended dress code for Speech, Interview, and the Awards Ceremony.
Males – blazer, sport coat or sweater with collared dress shirt and necktie; dress pants or business suit with collared dress shirt and necktie; socks and dress shoes.

Females – business skirt with blouse and/or sweater; jacket with dress blouse and business skirt or dress pants; business suit with dress blouse; or business dress; plus dress shoes (pumps, heels or flats).

A participant may be exempted from the dress code for medical or religious reasons. However, any medical or religious exceptions must have been documented prior to the competition and provided to Ohio Academic Decathlon Administration.

At all competitive events, distracting apparel, including hats/caps of any kind, shall be considered inappropriate. If violations of the dress code are observed by a proctor or Ohio Academic Decathlon Officials the student will be given the opportunity to comply with dress standards prior to the event. Once a student has been allowed to compete in an event, he or she may NOT be disqualified based on dress code violations.
Failure to comply with the dress code may result in disqualification from the event, the entire competition and the awards ceremony. The decision of the Ohio Academic Decathlon Administration is final.

It is requested that students dress in a fashion similar to the Speech and Interview events for the Awards Ceremony.