2018-19 Competition Registration

In order for any team to participate in any competition, all the school registration requirements must have been fulfilled by the School Registration Deadline. Schools that wish to participate in the online scrimmages must complete all school registration requirements by the Early Registration Deadline. (Note that for the October Scrimmage, team rosters are due prior to the deadline for participation fees and school registration materials.) Please refer to 2018-19 School Registration Deadlines for more information on school registration requirements and deadlines.

A Team Roster Template that includes all competing students needs to be submitted for each team in your school before each competition. Changes to the roster will not be permitted after the competition registration deadline as a measure to ensure fair and accurate scores. Only 3 honors, 3 scholastic and 3 varsity students are permitted on each team.  Each school may have more than one team. Partial teams will be accepted. Remember to place students in Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity by ID number (001-009) on the roster. Please submit the form electronically in excel format to info@academicdecathlonofohio.org on or before the following:

Competition Registration Deadlines

November Scrimmage          November 10, 2018

December Scrimmage    December 8,2018

Regional Competition     January 26, 2019

***Please remember to submit both the proctor certification form for the essay and for the objective tests for the regional competition by the due date as listed on the 2018-19 Schedule of Events. Failure to do so will nullify all essay and/or objective test scores.

State Competition            March 15-16, 2019

***Please remember to submit the proctor certification form for the essay test for the state competition by the due date as listed on the 2018-19 Schedule of Events. Failure to do so will nullify all essay test scores.

Once the team roster for the state competition is submitted, an invoice for the lunch fees and Individual Competitor fees will be generated. It will be sent to the invoice address indicated on the School Registration form: head coach’s email; Coach 2 email, Billing EMAIL address or Billing address. The lunch fee will include all team members, coaches, and those competing in the Individual division. If applicable, please send us a purchase order in order to include purchase order information on the invoice.

In order to compete in the State Competition, the following items must be received by Academic Decathlon of Excellence, Inc. on or before February 20, 2018.

  1. The individual competitor registration fee
  2. Lunch fees. Please do not send cash.

Kindly submit special requests to the state director at least four weeks prior to a competition.

Failure to complete the necessary registration steps for each competition by the due date will prevent a school from participating in the competition.